Project [1]ntro

…aaand we are officially done with Project #1: Create legendary introduction videos for the new summer interns and staff at 2100! I hope you enjoy our portraits as they roll out on our Facebook page. I had a blast getting to know my colleagues better through this exercise, not to mention the Sony PMW-EX1, audio mixing in Premiere Pro, and the joys of mixed lighting (not). As always, “learning by doing” is the best acceleration for my learning curve. I already feel my eyes sharpening to the nuances of different light, and I am critically learning to TRUST during collaborative production. Given the independent nature of freelancing, I am accustomed to making decisions alone with a client. This project took me outside my comfort zone by inviting me to share directorship with others. We divided up “directing/editing” and “camera/audio” responsibilities among ourselves for half the videos, and I had to (-gulp-) trust another intern to oversee the A- and B-roll for my intro video. (Editing my own video was another beast of a crash-course in core ideas and forced prioritization.) Altogether, there were many healthy and necessary lessons in letting go… and I’m very glad I did! After all, artists have worked in teams for centuries. We were created to create in community, so I am excited to embrace this collaboration in my craft. Intern Video - Ika shoot


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